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סיפורי לקוחות וליוקארד

We at Valuecard have the technology to interact with most of the leading POS’s in the market.

Via our interface with the POS you can manage your loyalty club efficiently through your POS, just like you manage your business. Your employees will continue working in their simple & familiar technological environment, and your customers will continue getting fast and efficient service.

We’ve gathered 3 case studies of clients that we give service to, who enjoy our features and abilities:


Biscotti offers delightful pastries, cakes, exotic tarts and more. Over the years, Biscotti has established its status as one of the highest quality bakeries in Israel.


Roldin is the largest confectionery chain in Israel. It offers 150 different types of homemade pastries freshly baked, daily: cakes, pies, breads and cookies – all handmade.


Just4u produces a wide range of gift cards for individuals and businesses, that can be used for every need: birthday gifts, holiday gifts, seniority gifts, awards and more.

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