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Physical Gift Cards
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כרטיסים נטענים וגיפט קארד

Boost your sales all year round by using our customized gift card & prepaid cards platform!

Valuecard’s platform provides a gift card branding service. Why use gift cards? Physical and digital gift cards (eGifts) substantially increase sales revenue and allow you to connect your brand with the audience consistently.

Benefits for customers who charge a self-service card will turn the gift card into a “digital wallet” for your customers.

יצירת כרטיס מועדון נטען

The Valuecard platform provides:

פלטפורמה לניהול כרטיסי גיפט קארד

You can make these types of gift cards:

גיפט קארד

Prepaid personal gift card that can be topped up at any time with more money or bonus rewards

כרטיסים המעניקים הנחה בעת המימוש

A personal gift card that incorporates a discount at the time of payment

כרטיסי מתנה

Personal gift card without benefits or discounts

All card activity can be viewed and controlled by a report generator accessible to you

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