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אודות וליוקארד

A few words about us...

Valuecard was founded in 2007 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Ever since it started, the company’s focus is on enriching and expanding its innovative omni-channel platform that helps businesses to retain, communicate and engage with their customers.

Our motto is ‘continues improvement’ and our objective is to keep delivering cost-effective, out-of-the-box loyalty management solutions.

תפעול מועדון לקוחות

Our advanced scientific approach

to loyalty management allows us to transform the most important data into valid insights for businesses, helping them drive revenue and accelerate growth. We’re passionate about providing our clients with not only an innovative, substantial product, but also great customer service.

Some of the features we specialize in

תוכניות נאמנות מותאמות אישית

Customized Loyalty Programs

Valuecard specializes in high-level loyalty programs which give your customers a personalized shopping experience and help you drive more revenue

כרטיסים נטענים וגיפט קארד

Gift Card and Coupons

Valuecard’s customized gift cards & prepaid cards platform helps you boost your sales and and accelerate growth

מערכת הזמנות אונליין

Online Ordering Platform

Valuecard’s online ordering platform provides you with a private label advanced online store / ordering website that fully integrates with your POS, loyalty club, gift-cards and coupons

ניתוח ואיסוף דאטה

Data Analysis

Our scientific method turns raw data into valuable insights and helps you identify your customers’ expectations and needs, as well as to enhance your marketing strategies, products and business decisions

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