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Customer Loyalty Program Management

ניהול מועדון לקוחות

Valuecard offers your company up-to-date, technologically advanced, and multi-channel loyalty program management tools.

What’s in it for you?

As a business owner, customers are your most important resource. It’s important to retain them the right way. According to consulting firm ‘Invesp,’ attracting new clients is up to five times more expensive than retaining existing clients. Another study conducted by consulting firm ‘Bain’ shows that when companies focus on customer retention, they produce an increase of profit of 25% or more. That is why it is essential to retain correctly. Valuecard does just that!

We at Valuecard provide you with an arsenal of tools that can help your business strengthen relationships with customers, motivate them to action, get them emotionally connected to the brand and even invite their friends. We provide you with customized benefit systems, various marketing communication channels, customer engagement and motivation tools, advanced data analysis tools and personal consultation. The system allows you to manage your loyalty program in a comfortable and accessible manner.

Where Valuecard Shines:

תקשורת שיווקית מבוססת דאטה

Data-based marketing communication

Build a marketing campaign that is automated and personally tailored to your customers, based on your data analysis and the mile-stones you set for each campaign. For example, a customer who has not purchased for a month – will receive a coupon to return to buy.

מערכת הטבות חכמה

Smart benefits system

Suppose you want to spoil your loyalty members. Our system knows how to do just that! It provides them with a rich variety of benefits and loyalty programs tailored to your business and marketing goals you have set, and can increase the shopping basket or the frequency of customer visits to the business.

ניהול וליווי מועדון VIP

VIP loyalty management

We will provide complete guidance in managing your loyalty program. The service includes ongoing professional advice, analysis of data reports, and operation of marketing communications in all channels.

What will you get from us?

A friendly and intuitive back-office system that simplifies complex processes with a few clicks

A rich variety of benefits management options and loyalty programs

Multi-channel communication with customers: email, SMS, push notificationsin, a business app and social media presence

Marketing automation

Mechanism for creating target audiences in advanced segments of demographics for the benefit of customer-focused marketing

Integration with the business website and the cash registers in your branches

Graphic dashboard and advanced reporting system

Clearly defined (by design) customer journeys

Connecting customer information in the business to Facebook and Instagram's targeting systems integrated with target effective campaigns

Feedback questionnaires and surveys

Personal area for customers

Our customer support is there to assist you along the way and can help you reach any milestones you need, or address any technical needs.

Ready to get started?

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