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Data Analysis

איסוף וניתוח דאטה

The extended goal in data collection is to make your business run more efficiently and enhance revenue.

Valuecard offers to process this data for you, so you can focus your resources and time on tasks that bring more leads, sales & profits.

First and foremost, the data collected by Valuecard helps you manage your loyalty clubs more efficiently and easily.

Moreover, our scientific method that turns raw data into valuable insights, can be used to meet your customers expectations and needs, as well as to enhance your marketing strategies, products and business decisions.

ניתוח דאטה

Valuecard’s data feeds include static personal customer data, transactional data, marketing communication data, engagement data, and more.

This data is processed and encapsulated via several channels:

  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Insights
  • Deep Analysis (extra service)

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