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רולדין לקוח של וליוקארד

Roladin started its way in 1989 when two brothers, Kobi and Avi Hakak, opened a small store in the city of Ramat Hasharon. Since then, the chain grew so big it became largest confectionery chain in Israel, with 90 branches nationwide.

Roldin offers 150 different types of homemade pastries freshly baked daily; cakes, pies, breads and cookies – all handmade.

Moreover, the chain makes sure to launch at least 50 new products every year.


Valuecard’s Solution

Valuecrd provides Roladin with most of its solutions.We interface fully to Roladin’s POS and in addition, we integrate with Roladin’s website, where we provide the option to register customers to Roladin’s loyalty program through Valuecard’s platform.

Coupon Redemption:

Through Valuecard’s platform, collaborations are made between coupon companies and businesses. Valuecard gives Roladin’s customers the option to redeem coupons produced by coupon companies. In addition to the fact that Valuecard serves as an interface for coupon redemption, we also take upon ourselves the responsibility for reporting to all parties and addressing challenges, including technical support and customer service for both sides – Roladin and various coupon companies, and, of course, connecting between them.

Furthermore, we also mediate Roladin’s collaborations with external companies. We create codes for the realization of vouchers by Roladin’s customers and serve as:

  1. An interface for the redemption of benefits and rewards at Roladin’s physical and online stores
  2. Reporting system
  3. Customer service and technical support.

Customer compensation system:

Valuecard’s customer compensation system is a designed for the business’s customer service and contains a compensation submission form. The form is digital and produced by Valuecard. The form contains of fields to fill in various details about the compensation – the reason for the compensation, type of the compensation (cash or product), the validity of the compensation, etc.


Roladin’s loyalty program – by Valuecard.

What does it consist of?

  1. Registry Interfacefrom Roladin’s POS, trading site and website.
  2. Redemption and realization of benefits and digital punch cardsproduced by Roladin.
  3. Roladin’s marketing communicationis operated by Valuecard – text messages and newsletters are sent to the members of the loyalty program.
  4. Reporting system and BIfor monitoring the activity in the loyalty program and data analysis.

Integration with Roladin’s online ordering system:

Valuecard integrates with Roladin’s POS, but moreover – we also have an integration with the online store. Valuecard links between Roladin’s loyalty program and its external ordering site, where Roladin’s customers can perform all the actions related to their loyalty program – earn & burn points, redeem coupons and punch cards, and more.

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