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ביסקוטי לוגו

Biscotti was founded in 2003 by Amir Porat and Italian pastry chef Rosella Yona.
The delicious bakery grew and expanded over the years, and now has many branches throughout Israel. Biscotti offers delightful pastries, cakes, exotic tarts and more. Over the last 2 decades, Biscotti has deepened its status as a bakery of the highest quality and reliability in Israel.

מערכת הזמנות אונליין

Valuecard’s Solution

Valuecrd provides the full package solution to Biscotti in which all the technological elements are in sync with each other, helping Biscotti expand and grow more revenueֿ, increase customers loyalty, boost mobile app downloads, streamlineoperational activities and reduce overhead costs.

Loyalty club management

This solution encompasses all aspects of the loyalty programs, starting with the various registration options that interact with the POS, Facebook, Instagram and the private label mobile app we provided them with. Valuecard provides the chain with a platform to grant attractive benefits and rewards such as cashback accumulation, birthday rewards, anniversary surprises, and more.

Digital Gift Cards

Using our digital gift cards solution, Biscotti provides its customers with the option of buying gift cards online for their friends and family, and while doing that even gain loyalty points.


During Covid 19, Biscotti launched its online store using Valuecard’s platform. The initial reason they chose us was the high-level of integration we offered them between their loyalty club and the online-store, so clients can earn & burn rewards on both online and offline points of sale. Since it was launched, the online store keeps getting amazing reviewes from customers.

Check out Biscotti’s brand new (and successful!) online-store, by Valuecard:

API to Biscotti’s ERP system

Valuecard developed API to the ERP system so all of the data flows automatically to the right spots.

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