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Just4u produces a wide range of gift cards and vouchers for individuals and businesses who wish to grant their employees with gifts or incentives. Welfare and human resources managers can find in Just4u gift cards for every need, such as birthday gifts, holiday gifts, seniority gifts, retirement gifts, formation days, awards, and more. The gift cards can be loaded with benefits or monetary value.

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Valuecard’s Solution

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The game changer – digital vouchers

In the past, Just4u used paper gift cards only. Nowadays, due to Valuecard’s technological solution, digital gift cards are produced in the form of a code sent by text message or email.

In fact, Valuecard is positioned in two of the cycle’s key points:

  1. Creation of digital gift cards and loading them with benefits / monetary value.
  2. An interface with merchant’s POS’s in which the gift cards can be realized.

Why are digital gift cards so great?

  • They significantly reduce printing costs production time.

Just4u used to have a big warehouse full of papers and printers, the volume of the materials was large, and the costs were high. Moreover, the logistics, transport, printing and distribution processes of the gift cards were very time consuming. The digital solution saves all that time and reduced the costs of the printing and storage. Plus, it’s so much better for the environment.


  • Faster payment flow.

Just4u no longer need to wait for the merchants to mail the gift cards redeemed by end customers. The entire payment flow is a lot shorter and faster after the digitization of the process.


  • Cancellation is easier.

Now, with digital gift cards, it is possible to receive refunds and make cancellations when needed with a click of a button.


  • More efficient reporting & documentation process.

The reporting of redeemed gift cards and payments from merchants currently flows automatically and in real-time to the Just4u ERP system, integrated by Valuecard. This way, the documentation of the payments, redemptions, cancellations (etc.), is more quick, accurate and organized.


Saving the Breakage

If, for example, a recipient of the gift card loaded with a monetary amount of 100 NIS uses it to make a purchase of 97 NIS, the leftover amount of 3 NIS is considered breakage. The advantage of the digital solution is that the leftover amount isn’t lost for both the customer and the merchant. The customer can save the remaining 3 NIS for realization in a future purchase, or even sum it up with the amount of another gift card or gift card for a singular purchase.

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